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What is Stackify Prefix?

Prefix will help troubleshoot what your code is doing by inspecting key methods, database queries, web service calls, and logging statements.

Prefix is designed for developers to use everyday as they write & test their own code. Prefix answers the question of “What just happened” in my code.

Key Features:

    • Find slow SQL queries, web service calls, etc
    • View logging, Debug, & Trace statements
    • Runs only on a developer’s workstation. No server installs.
    • Supports 30+ common .NET libraries (view list)
    • Runs in the background and is always there when you need it

To learn more, please visit

Download Prefix


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  • Avatar
    Stephen Price

    I've just spent half an hour trying to work out how to actually RUN Prefix after installing it. Can see the service, but how do you access the screens. Your docs have forgotten to describe this RATHER important step.
    Is it a url? Part of Visual Studio? Stand alone app? What?

  • Avatar
    Kyle Carlson


    Visit http://localhost:2012 in a browser window to see Prefix in action once it's configured and your app is running.

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