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Common Azure App Service Issues

Agent Goes Down After Deployment

If you are using multiple deployment slots, you will want to install the site extension for each deployment slot. This is required so when you are swapping slots everything works correctly, as site extensions are part of what is swapped. Setting Stackify.Environment is also important so we can identify which slot is which.


'StackifyHttpTracer' Not Found

If you encounter the error "Could not load file or assembly 'StackifyHttpTracer' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.", download and install our NuGet package that will install the module into your project:


Web Deployment Task Failed Error

If you are trying to deploy your application and getting an error about StackifyWebJob files being locked, you may need modify your deployment settings. Stackify runs as a WebJob that is installed via the Azure Site Extension in to your App_Data folder. If you are trying to use the optional deployment setting of "Remove additional files at destination" this would try to remove our WebJob.


Error: Web deployment task failed. (Web Deploy cannot modify the file 'StackifyWebJob' on the destination because it is locked by an external process.


To fix this, also select "Exclude files from the App_Data folder" so the Stackify WebJob is not affected by the deployment. This setting is shown below in the Visual Studio UI as part of the publish options.

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