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Configuring Retrace to track your app

By default Retrace only profiles applications hosted within IIS. If you want Retrace to capture transactions from a background service running as a Windows service or similar, please follow these directions.


1. Install Stackify Windows agent with option for Windows Services selected

Starting in v4 there are checkboxes to enable profiling IIS apps and/or Windows Services. You must check the box for Windows Service for non IIS or .NET Core apps to work properly.

If you already installed the agent and did not check the box, you can fix this 2 ways:

  • Uninstall agent then reinstall
  • Find server in the Retrace UI and go to settings and click Disable APM, then edit the Stackify.ini file on the server and set "AttachAll=1" under the Features section. Then re-enable the profiler in Retrace.


2. Create ProfileProcess.txt

To tell it to profile other apps, you must add a file to either the folder of your app, or Prefix's install location. The file must be named "ProfileProcess.txt" and the contents look like the JSON style configuration below. The configuration is simply the file name of your app. For Prefix, be sure to add the vshost.exe version of the file name as well since Visual Studio runs it as that.

[{"exe": "SelfHostWebServers.exe"},
{"exe": "SelfHostWebServers.vshost.exe"},
{"exe": "LocalWorkerProcessor.exe"}]

3. Save the file in one of these locations

  • The install folder of Retrace or Prefix (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Stackify)
  • The folder of your application, wherever the exe is

We suggest creating the file and just deploying it as part of your app within it's folder.

For Azure Worker Roles, you can enable and disable Retrace for those the same way you do Web Roles. See installing Stackify on Azure Cloud Services.

4. Modify your code or configs to tell Retrace what is a valid transaction

Depending on the type of application, there are multiple ways to do this. Please see Overview Of Tracking Non Web Transactions to learn more and see examples.

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