Custom Metrics: Overview

Using the Stackify Custom Metrics API, you can easily report, log, and monitor any number of custom metrics, business KPIs, and other important business or application events that could provide insights into application or user behavior. With Stackify, you can monitor, trend, and setup alerts for these important events, making them an actionable part of your overall application health picture. Below will outline the requirements needed to get started with Custom Metrics and well as the steps to configure alerts and notifications for these metrics.


The following are requisites for using Stackify’s Custom Metrics functionality:

  • There needs to be an agent running on the server where the application is running.
  • The app that you are setting up needs to be registered by the agent so that it appears in the Apps page of Stackify.
  • You need to use one of our existing API libraries or our REST API directly if building something using a different language than the ones listed below.

API Libraries

Configuring the Custom Metrics

Your application will use the appropriate Custom Application Metrics library to send data that is then monitored by Stackify. The data will be displayed in Stackify using categories and metric names that you can define in your code. Refer to the libraries for specific directions on how to implement the different metric methods in your code so that it can be surfaced in the App Dashboard for your app or service. Once properly configured you will be able to view and set up alerts for the custom metrics.

Configuring Alert Thresholds

Once the data starts feeding to Retrace, you can then configure the alert thresholds on the values that report from the application’s monitoring configuration screen. For more information on App Configuration, take a look at the Configuring App Monitors article. By setting these thresholds with values that make sense for each individual metric, you will be alerted with a Warning, Critical, or Outage, depending on the setup.

Configuring Alert Thresholds