Deployment Tracking: API Request Archive

The Deployment API Requests screen (shown below), provides a history of all the deployment requests accepted by our API.

The first step when troubleshooting deployment issues should be to go to this page and verify our API actually received a request. Once our API receives a request to complete the deployment and performs initial validation (returning an HTTP 202 response if successful), it will be queued for processing. During this time the request state will be displayed as “Pending”.

The record will remain in a “Pending” state until we are able to match the request to a monitored application environment. This allows you to submit deployment requests before your deployed app actually comes online and has been discovered by Stackify. If the deployment request is still pending after your application has been discovered and is visible in Retrace, please verify the application name and environment provided in the request match the application and environment in Retrace. If there was a mistake in the name format, you can cancel your deployment request by clicking the remove icon next to the current state. You can then recreate the deployment with the correct detail using our REST API or through the deployment tab on the App Dashboard in Retrace.