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Installing Retrace on Linux for AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Install for AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Tomcat)

Instructions on how to install the Stackify Linux Agent and Java APM on
AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Installing Stackify Linux Agent

  1. Create a new file named stackify.config in your application’s .ebextensions folder.
    Learn More about .ebextensions.

  2. Add the following to your stackify.config file:

    Replace [INSERT ACTIVATION KEY] with your activation key value.
    You can find your activation key under Settings: Account.

        command: sudo ./ --key [INSERT ACTIVATION KEY] --environment "Production"
        cwd: /home/ec2-user/stackify-agent-install-32bit
  3. Deploy your app to Elastic Beanstalk

Installing Stackify Java APM

  1. Go to Elastic Beanstalk Environment Configuration and click on Software Configuration

  2. Add the following to JVM command line options:

  3. Restart App Server(s).


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