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Deployment Tracking: Manual Setup

Stackify now offers Deployment Tracking inside of Retrace.  Deployment Tracking is extremely valuable so you can see when deployments happened and how the affected your application's performance.  There will be visual indicators on your timelines when these events took place and you can easily use them to drill down into metrics that will give you an exact idea of what is happening in your application.  Manually adding Deployment Tracking within Retrace is extremely simple and only takes a few steps.

How To Add a New Deployment

 Step 1: Click 'Deployments' on the App Dashboard where you would like to add a deployment.



Step 2: Once inside the "Deployments' tab, click on the 'New Deployment' button.


Step 3: Enter the deployment information into the 'New Deployment' form. 


Step 4: Click 'Save' to save all of the information you have entered.


Your deployment information is now saved within Retrace.  It will add a vertical line to your timelines that associates with the deployment information.  


Please do not hestitate to reach out if you are having issues adding a deployment tracker within Retrace.  The support team is always happy to help (


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