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Release Notes: July 2014

A Revamped Apps Dashboard

The newly designed Apps Dashboard will give you an organized look into important insights about your application.

View App Health

View App Health

View important App health information related to your application.  This will give you a quick view to monitor resources needed to keep your app running properly.

View App Performance

View App Performance

From the performance view you can monitor user satisfaction, load time, and errors for each web page, as well as isolate the view into different categories.

View and Track Errors

View and Track Errors

The new Error screen will help you better identify unknown errors within your application.  Quickly discover when, where, and how often an error occurs.

View Errors in Context

View Errors in Context

Click an Error link to view a certain error in context.  From here you can also see all logging statements surrounding the error, giving you a complete picture of the event.

New Getting Started Page

The new Getting Started page will help you get the most out of Stackify right away.  

Upon login after signing up for Stackify, you will be able to get help setting up error tracking, logging, app monitoring and server monitoring.  This page will help you navigate through the most important features Stackify offers, along with links to our documentation.

Java Custom Metrics and Java Logs API

The same Metrics API that is available for .NET is now out for Java!  With this new Java API, you can log and monitor custom metrics, business KPIs, and other important business or application events that could provide insights into application or user behavior. With Stackify, you can monitor, trend, and setup alerts for these important events, making them an actionable part of your overall application health picture.  To learn more about the Java Custom Metrics API, visit the Stackify GitHub Page.

This new release also welcomes the addition of a new API for logging Java Apps to Stackify.  Just install the Log4J or Logback log appenders to begin logging.

Nginx Access Log Parsing

Stackify can now monitor the health of your Nginx Web Apps.  Enabling Web Logging for Nginx Apps will let you look at Requests/min vs Average Page Load time, HTTP Request Error Rate, and Satisfaction Scores. (To learn how to set up the Access Logs, be sure to visit the article Configure for Nginx ).

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