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Release Notes: May 2014

Custom Date Ranges

Custom Date Ranges

Want to zero in on metrics and diagnostics over a specific period of time to investigate an issue around the time that it occurred? Stackify now offers Custom Date Ranges to enable you to do just that. To learn about the details, view the Custom Date Ranges article.

HTTP Proxies

By properly configuring the proxy to work with the agent, Stackify will be able to send HTTP traffic through the proxy. This is especially useful when needing to inspect traffic leaving your server. As this feature is available in preview form currently, please contact for detailed configuration instructions.

Linux 1.2 Agent

The new 1.2 version of the Stackify agent includes many added features specific to the Linux agent including JVM smart defaults, auto-discovery of JMX connections, auto-discovery of Nginx Web Apps, and more.

JVM Smart Defaults

JVM Smart Defaults

When a JMX connection is established, either through auto-discovery or manual configuration, certain MBeans are applied to Java applications using that same JMX connection.  After Stackify discovers a Web App, Java MBeans are added by default to better monitor the JVM.  MBeans that monitor the Classes, Threads, and Memory of the web app generally are added automatically using MBeans smart defaults.  These smart defaults are based on what JConsole, a tool to monitor the JVM, typically uses while monitoring Java applications.

Auto- Discovery of JMX Connections

Auto- Discovery of JMX Connections

Stackify will automatically try to see if Tomcat has any existing JMX connections not using a username and password.  If a new connection available, this connection will be added and stored into your Stackify account under JMX Connections in Settings of the Stackify portal.

Nginx Web App Discovery

Stackify can now discover Nginx web apps by detecting Nginx configurations.  These web apps will appear in the Server Dashboard and in the App Stacks.  Performance logging for these Apps are being worked on currently.      

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