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Enabling APM+ for Windows Agents

When installing an agent for the first time, you will have the option to enable the .Net profiler used to capture data for APM+. Below will outline the options in the installation wizard that will allow you to enable APM+ for your server.

Enable the Profiler

Enable the Profiler

By default, the check box to enable the profiler to send APM data to Stackify will be enabled. To opt out of APM+ during the installation of your server, be sure to uncheck the checkbox.

To learn more about the insights you can gain using our Application Performance Management tool, check out our main APM+ documentation.

NOTE: Enabling the .Net profiler and the APM+ feature will incur an added monthly cost for your account. See more on the Setting Page in your Stackify account or in the Configuring and Enabling the CLR Profiler for APM+ article.

Restart IIS

Restart IIS

If you choose to enable the profiler, you will have the option to automatically restart IIS by checking the checkbox in the wizard. If you wish to manually restart IIS later, leave this box unchecked.

Advanced Installation Options

To see more information on customizing your installation for APM+, go here.

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