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App Dashboard: Performance Tab

If you have APM+ enabled, this tab will be named "Performance (APM+)" instead. Take a look at the APM+ Overview documentation to learn more about what you can find in the APM+ tab.

By clicking on each Requested Action, you will be brought to a Performance Graph for that individual page.

Page Performance Details

Page Performance Details

Here you can view different performance measurements to help you evaluate how the page is performing.

Pinpointing individual pages from your Web App can help you determine what parts of your App is suffering the most.

Just like with other areas of the App Dashboard, you can trim out parts of the chart to focus in on what you care most about by clicking and dragging over the window of time you wish to zoom in on.

Error Details

Error Details

If there are exceptions present, the Errors Detail page will give you some details regarding specific errors.  From here you will be able to also view the last error, or all occurrences of an error.  

If you have error logging enabled, you can view error logs by selecting "more..." and viewing the Details Tab and Logs Tab of the error.

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