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Monitors: Log Queries

From the Log Queries screen you can set up monitors for your Log searches. Below will give you some tips on configuring and implementing log query monitors.

Add a New Monitor

First, go to the Log Queries tab under the Monitoring tab and select "Add New" to set up a new Log Query.

Configure Monitor Settings

Configure Monitor Settings

If you have already saved a search in the Logs Dashboard and wish to monitor it, select it in the drop down list. You also have the option to create a new search to monitor. After giving the monitor a name, assign a search time frame. This will determine the timespan that query matches are checked.

Add Alerts to the Monitor

Add Alerts to the Monitor

After you create the monitor, you will have the option of configuring when you will receive alerts for query matches. In the example above, this log monitor is configured to trigger a warning alert when 5 or more query matches occur within a 60 minute timespan. To see more information on setting up monitors in Stackify, be sure to check out Configuring Your First Monitors.

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