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Deploying to AWS Elastic Beanstalk in .Net

Follow the steps below to deploy your .Net apps to publish to Amazon Web Services.

Add the NuGet Package

Add the Nuget Package

In the Package Manager Console enter:

Install-Package Stackify.EBS

This will add the Elastic Beanstalk package to your app needed before deployment.

Add API Key and Environment Name

When it comes time to deploy your app to AWS, you will need to provide the keys at the appropriate step in the "Publish to Amazon Web Services" wizard in Visual Studio.

Application Settings

Finally, add the application settings. Here you will specify environment name and account's API key. In these settings you also control whether APM+ is enabled (1) or disabled (0) and whether or not you want to have IIS restarted automatically (1) or manually(0). 

Key Value
Stackify.EnableProfiler 1 or 0
Stackify.Environment YOUR_ENVIRONMENT
Stackify.RestartIIS 1 or 0
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