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Resource Monitoring Overview

In addition to monitoring app and server metrics, you can also set up individual resource monitors. These resource monitors include log queries, error rates, SQL queries, website endpoints, Azure queues, and if APM+ is enabled, selected Key Transactions.

To set up these resource monitors, you can create them at the application level when you configure your App Dashboard so that any alerts that fire from those monitors will be tied into the app.

All Monitoring Page

To view all of your resource monitors that you have created on one page, navigate to the "All Monitoring" Page located under the Monitoring tab. Expand a monitor to view the trend and status of the individual metrics.

You can also pin your most important resources to the top by toggling the star icon of each resource monitor.

Filtering and Sorting Monitors

This page will allow you to filter by resource type, app name (if it is associated with an app), or environment. Click on the column headings to sort the monitor type or monitor name.


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