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Prefix: Configure IIS Express

To work properly, Prefix requires an HTTP module. Visual Studio 2015 with IIS Express and IIS classic mode requires manually configuring it.

IIS in Classic (IIS6) mode

If you are getting a message that says you need to install the module and your app is running in IIS with the application pool set to classic mode, please review this document: Install Stackify Module For Classic IIS App Pools


Visual Studio 2015 + IIS Express


Unfortunately, Visual Studio 2015 does not use a global config by default and you need to enable our module manually in each app. 

To enable the Stackify HTTP Module, please do one of the following:

Option 1:

Edit your csproj file to force IIS Express to use the global applicationHost.config which will already have the Stackify module registered in it.


Option 2:

Add our HTTP module to the applicationHost.config for your solution/project located in “.vs\config\applicationHost.config” as shown below. Add it under system.webServer modules, not to be confused with globalModules which is different.

Option 3:

Add our HTTP module as a reference to your project and configure it on your web.config file. It is safe to deploy the module with your app. It doesn't do anything on servers where Stackify Prefix or APM is not present. Be sure to include the <remove> part of the config in case your app gets used on your PC or a server which has the module installed in IIS.

Install our package via nuget:

PM>Install-Package StackifyHttpModule

The package will add the module as a reference to your project. Make sure your web.config is modified to include our module. It should look something like what is shown below:

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  • Avatar

    How about IIS? Could I use this module in IIS? I tried add "Prefix module" into web.config but it doesn't work :(

  • Avatar
    Jason Hodges

    I just installed and am wondering same thing. I mimic my IIS servers locally so it would be helpful to configure Prefix for IIS

  • Avatar
    Kyle Carlson

    Full IIS should work just fine with Prefix with no special configuration. We have a support document with common Prefix troubleshooting issues that you should work through:

    Sometimes restarting your computer, running Visual Studio as an administrator, then starting Prefix will fix it too.

    Please send us a support ticket by emailing if you still need assistance.

  • Avatar

    I wasn't a fan of modifying my project to have to support a development tool (yes, I realize the workaround is trivial and it's due to factors outside of your control). Maybe you could leverage your prefix visual studio plugin to make this "just work" as a 4th option.

  • Avatar
    Karan Singh

    I really like this Prefix profiler and a great piece of tool to use during development work. Recently, I build a WCF webService and hosted in my localhost IIS. I am calling the methods of the WCF service from another web-application. Now I want to see the DB call happening inside the WCF service methods. But for some reason, the profiler is not showing me those SP calls (happening inside the WCF).

    Is there a special procedure or config to profile the IIS based WCF service. Please share some info.

  • Avatar
    Kyle Carlson

    Hi Karan,

    We have a support document that explains that.

    Please send us a support ticket by emailing if you still need assistance.


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