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Security Migration Overview

As a part of Stackify's security changes, we are migrating to a new model for existing Stackify Users and Roles. As a part of this migration process, we want to make you aware of some of the changes and what to expect:


After migrating, there will be an Account Admin and Billing role populated by default on the Security Roles page in your account.

 Pre-existing Account Admins will not be impacted. Users assigned as Account Admins prior to migrating will automatically be assigned to the "Account Admin" role which grants full account access.

Any non-Account Admin user who has the "Billing" permission prior to migrating will automatically be assigned to the "Billing" role. This role grants access to manage billing only and all other permissions will be set to "Deny". Users can join multiple Roles.

  • Note: Any user or role that you have not edited permissions for prior to migrating will be set to “Deny” on all permissions by default. (You will still be able to set role permissions and apply users to a role after migration).
  • Note: All specific user overrides in the legacy permissions model will be dropped and the migrated roles will be enforced.

Role Permissions

On the Role Permissions page you will be able to manage permissions to specific apps and environments using the role management pages. Here you can also assign Users to the Role.

Here are the following levels of access:

Admin: Users have full access to the data and configuring settings. This includes editing alert/notification settings and creating monitors for an app or environment. 

Read-Only: Users can view monitor data and dashboard information, but cannot edit any settings.

Deny: Users will not see these apps or environment list and will not have any access.

  • Note: The "Manage Connections, Passwords and Devices" role permission can only be set to either "Admin" or "Deny".
  • Note: Any pre-existing Manage Access functions for an app or server will be removed and replaced with the Role permissions.
  • Note: Applying the permissions for the updated roles may take a few minutes to reflect for a user's account.
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