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Applications: Overwrite App and Environment Names

There may be scenarios where you want to change the initial app name discovered by the agent. (By default the app is named by the root directory of the app). You may also wish to have a different environment name for different apps being hosted on the same server.

The app name and environment name defined by the agent can easily be altered by setting parameters in the application's configuration file.

For .NET Apps

Put the following section in your web.config or app.config file:

     <add key="Stackify.ApiKey" value="YOUR API KEY HERE" />
     <add key="Stackify.AppName" value="YOUR APP NAME" />
     <add key="Stackify.Environment" value="YOUR ENVIRONMENT NAME" />

Note: The API key can be found in the Settings>Account or Settings>Billing pages of your account.

 For Java Apps

Put the following section in the file and place it in the webapp classpath:


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