Java Agent Installation: Configure APM+ on Standalone Applications


1) Application must be setup with our custom configuration or be using one our supported Non-WebApp frameworks (Quartz, Spring Batch, Akka). Please follow these steps here first: Configure Custom Profiling for Java.

2) Application must be setup as a Linux Service.

3) Linux Agent Installed


Example using annotations:

import com.stackify.apm.Trace;

public class ClassToBeInstrumented
    @Trace(start = true)
    public void methodToStartNewTrace()
        //Your code here

Update the application startup script to pass in the javaagent option:

  1. Once traces come in – user will need to go to Other Apps

2. Click Add from existing

3. Find their service name and click Add.

Stats should start flowing in at this point. Keep in mind it may take approx. 5 minutes for data to propagate in the Retrace Portal.