.NET Agent Installation: Overview

System Requirements

In order to make sure your installation goes smoothly, please verify these prerequisites:

  • Windows 2008 R2 and newer.
  • You will need to install the Retrace Agent on each machine you intend to monitor.
  • Port 443 needs to be open, outbound only, for the device(s) you install the monitoring agent on.
  • You may need to set up configuration for http proxies and add exceptions to your firewall in order to let the agent know how to connect to necessary resources
  • Your environment may be either physical or virtual, and we also support Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and many other cloud-based infrastructures.

This guide will walk you through the initial installation and configuration of your Retrace agent using the Retrace Windows Installer. The monitoring agent comes bundled with the .NET Profiler that can be enabled and disabled as needed.

Install Manually

Download the installer 

You can find a link to the Windows Installer from the Getting Started with .NET page or by clicking the Add New button at the top of your Servers Monitoring page.

Run the downloaded installer and follow the installation steps below.

Enter Your Account’s Activation Key

You will be prompted for an Activation Key. This key identifies your server as belonging to your company.

You can find your Activation Key from your Account Info page within Retrace. https://s1.stackify.com/Manage/AccountInfo

Set The Server Environment

For each server, you will be prompted to set the Environment. This is a way of grouping your servers; Retrace gives you the opportunity to set this parameter at install time so that each server is grouped with like servers based on deployment strategies, physical location, client, or whatever makes sense for your particular scenario.

Choose Features To Enable

Enable Retrace for IIS

Selecting this feature will automatically discover all .NET applications that are hosted within IIS and begin monitoring them.

Enable Retrace for .NET Core, Windows Services, and Worker Roles

Selecting this feature will allow you to monitor and profile .NET Core and non-web apps. You may still need to add additional configuration to let the profiler know where to find your app and how to profile it. Further documentation is available for:

Choose When To Restart IIS

Selecting this option will restart IIS immediately after installation of the .NET agent, which may be unwanted for Production servers. You will still be able to begin monitoring, but you will not receive any APM+ data until IIS is restarted.

Select The Destination Folder

The default installation folder for the Retrace agent is C:\Program Files (x86)\Stackify. Changing this path may create issues with certain features, such as agent updates, and we recommend leaving the default setting.

Run Installer Diagnostics

After Installing the agent, you have the option to run Diagnostics on the installation after finishing. We highly recommend running this tool to catch any issues the agent may have connecting to necessary services or installing packages as this can be a huge help when troubleshooting installation issues.

After a successful install you should receive the following message before the diagnostics tool shuts down:

You should now be able to login to Retrace and view your server under the Server Monitoring page!

Find Your Apps

Once you have installed the agent on your server, you should be able to find your apps hosted within IIS under the Monitoring > Web Apps page.

If you can’t find the app you are looking for, click the Add App button at the top of the page and try adding the app from an existing server.

If you are not seeing APM+ data show up right away for your apps, Don’t Panic. Once IIS has been restarted please allow at least 30 minutes before you begin troubleshooting as there can be a delay in processing and uploading performance data. If you are still not seeing anything please follow our guide for APM+ Troubleshooting.

Next Steps