Prefix: Advanced settings for ASP.NET

The follow settings can be set for an ASP.NET web application to change the behavior of how the StackifyHttpModule and Prefix works.

Change reporting Url for a request

You can use the StackifyLib nuget package to customize the request name (Url or action) for any request.


App info settings

These settings can be set in your web.config appSettings. Specify a friendly name for your app by setting “Stackify.AppName”.

<add key="Stackify.AppName" value="My App Name" />

Environment and ApiKey are only used by Stackify APM but you may see them added by a Stackify nuget package. These can be left blank as they are not used by Prefix.

<add key="Stackify.Environment" value="" /><br><add key="Stackify.ApiKey" value="" />

Data collection settings

If you install Prefix on a PC, all of these will default to being enabled. If you install Prefix on a server, they will all be disabled by default to lower performance overhead. You can enable or disable any of them via your web.config appSettings. These settings are all Prefix specific and do not work for APM.

Prefix.CollectStartingHeaders true (default) or false
Prefix.CollectEndingHeaders true (default) or false
Prefix.CollectPostdata true (default) or false
Prefix.CollectPostdataMaxLength 100000 (default)
Prefix.CollectResponse true (default) or false
Prefix.CollectResponseMaxLength 100000 (default)