Prefix: System Configuration Changes

Prefix makes the following configuration changes:

Note: Using the Prefix UI to disable the profiler will remove the registry and environment keys for profiling

IIS related config changes:

1. StackifyHttpModule is added to the GAC

2. StackifyHttpModule is added to the IIS Express global config file

3. StackifyHttpModule is added to the IIS config file (if IIS is installed)

4. If you added the StackifyHttpModule to your IIS Express applicationHost.config or web.config, then those may also have been changed

Registry changes:

1. Registry keys are changed to enable the profiler to the following keys.

Environment variable changes:

1. Environment variables are set at the system level to enable profiling: COR_PROFILER & Cor_Enable_Profiling

2. Environment variables set for detection by various Stackify products that APM/Prefix is running: StackifyPath, StackifyIsPrefix & StackSquatchUpdated

Note: Other profiling type tools may also change some of these same registry settings which can cause conflicts and prevent Prefix from working.