Prefix: Using with ASP.NET Core/Kestrel

ASP.NET Core V1 is supported in Prefix v2.2

  • ASP.NET Core V1 is supported in Prefix v2.2 and has been tested with apps targeting net452 and NetCoreApp1.0.
  • Some features/classes are not yet supported for .NET Core 2.x. We are working to add support for all features soon.
  • If you are self-hosting your .NET Core app using Kestrel standalone, you MUST have a Prefix Premium license. Prefix Free will only profile .NET Core applications using IIS as a reverse proxy server.


To make ASP.NET Core work, you must install our middleware.  Follow the following steps to install the middleware.

1. Add the “StackifyMiddleware” nuget package to your project.

PM> Install-Package StackifyMiddleware

2. Modify your Configure() method in Startup.cs to add our middleware. The order in which you add middleware in your code matters. The StackifyMiddleware must be added before you add MVC via the “app.UseMvc()” method.


3. Start the app from Visual Studio

FYI: Prefix also works with Serilog and NLog for .NET Core apps. log4net has not yet been ported by their team to .NET Core 1.0