Release Notes: Windows Agent 4.13

Release Overview

Release Date: 02/21/2018

  • Support for Java on Windows

Release Features

Java on Windows

  • Retrace now supports the profiling of Java web apps and services on Windows.
  • The same containers currently supported in Linux are also supported on Windows. You can find the entire supported list here.

Release Enhancements

Improved Azure WebJob/Function Setup for APM

  • Previously, users would need to target a specific profiler version for the “COR_PROFILER_PATH” application setting in the Azure port but now it is no longer required.
  • The correct path is:

 COR_PROFILER_PATH D:\home\Stackify\Profiler\Latest\x86\StackifyProfiler_x86.dll

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an Oracle SQL parsing problem
  • Addressed an issue where an exception was causing the profiler not to start