Release Notes: APM+ v2.3

You may have heard about our newest version of our APM+ product. Read below to see the new improvements to stability and performance.

APM+ v2.3 is Here!

Since our beta version APM was introduced earlier this year, a lot of work has been put into improving the performance and stability APM+, along with adding support for more libraries and .NET technologies. Here is an announcement from the team about the APM+ v2.3 improvements:


APM+ v2.3 is Here!


A very large focus has been put on Stackify’s APM+ performance overhead to ensure there is little to no effect on the throughput and response times of your application. From our testing and industry research, most web applications receive less than 30 requests per second and will see a 2-5% increase in CPU for the app itself, with no other real noticeable effects. Even under an extremely heavy load of 100 requests per second, CPU overhead will increase 7-15%.


Here are some of the highlights of v2.3:

  • Significant reduction of CPU overhead used by the profiler
  • Further improvements to support async web requests
  • Support for new 3rd party libraries including Azure, AWS libraries, and more. To see an updated list, see our Supported .NET Frameworks article.
  • New settings to configure collecting all first chance exceptions or just unhandled

Note:  Auto updates of the new version will occur on September 15th, but it will not go into effect until your application pool restarts.

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