Release Notes: December 2017 Platform

Release Overview

Release Date: 12/7/17

  • The focus of this release was around improving accuracy of monitor results and enhancing data reporting throughout the platform

Release Enhancements

Shared Errors (via link, Slack, JIRA, etc) now lead back to the specific instance of the error.

Improvements around removing servers.

Improvements around EC2 auto-scale down events.

Enhancements around the handling of large JSON strings.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved website check reporting.
  • App Dashboards now handle environment names with special characters.
  • 2FA enhancements.
  • Improved SQL Monitors.
  • Improved Date/Time selector to no longer reset itself.
  • Improved Agent Update accurately flagging new versions.
  • Read-only roles no longer see the ‘Add App’ button.
  • Fixed server/instance count discrepancies on the app dashboard during scale down activities.
  • Clarified an Error “Group By” category on the error occurrences page.
  • Fixed an issue with Server Availability monitors, specifically around App Services instances.