Release Notes: July 2017 Platform

Release Overview

This release contains the “prod-readiness” of Azure Functions support via UI changes, along with a number of bug fixes and some minor enhancements

Release Features

Azure Functions Support

Azure Functions will now appear as a top level app type inside of the Retrace portal, same as Web Apps and Service Apps. As such, the “Monitoring” menu has changed to reflect this.

RPM & Satisfaction for non-web apps

Azure Functions introduced a need to show the RPM and Satisfaction charts for non-web applications. You will now see this reflected on the dashboards. This is based on the transactions that are traced for non-web apps, and is customizable (for target time) the same as web apps.

Release Enhancements

  • ElasticSearch 2.x Upgrade
    • Enable support for multiple ES Version Queries
    • The count search type is deprecated
    • _uid must be specified for sort (not _id)
  • Aggregate Monitor Architecture
  • Google Tag Manager JS
  • Log function should throw on exception
  • Trial conversion screen account enhancements
  • Update Getting Started for Additional Java Container Support
  • Replace all usages of StackifyApiClientContext with controller initialized version post 3.1
  • 2FA reset email template text
  • ClientStatusDao.SetClientFirstLogTime uses Single instead of SingleOrDefault
  • Error Rate Monitors don’t take into account ignored errors
  • Download agent diagnostics shows dozens of toast messages
  • Graph is “mashed” during log tailing
  • JVM Classes Values Reversed
  • Metrics datepicker doesn’t allow dates prior to the actual device’s start date
  • Overlapping chart elements when tailing logs
  • Server Settings showing wrong UI for APM+
  • Slack notifications not observing client timezone
  • Snooze/Ack Modal Sizing Issue
  • When selecting Json in Log field selector it errors on search if there are no json properties in the index