Release Notes: Linux Agent 2.1 & Java APM 1.16

Release Overview

Release Date: 7/31/17

  • APM for Java Services

Release Features

APM for Java Services

  • Defining the service transactions can be accomplished using our annotation library (stackify-java-apm-annot) or custom JSON configuration. If the service uses Quartz or Spring Batch, no code changes are required (both work out of the box).

Additional APM Application Server Instrumentation

  • WildFly Swarm
  • Adobe AEM

Additional APM Framework Instrumentation

  • Apache Cassandra
  • JSF (JavaServer Faces)
  • RMI (Remote Method Invocation)
  • IBM DB2 (JDBC)
  • Spring Batch;
  • Quartz

Release Enhancements

  • APM On/Off: We now will determine if APM is on or off as part of device discovery and will report this to the platform. You will now start seeing the APM icon on updated servers that have APM on.