Release Notes: November 2017 Platform

Release Overview

Release Date: 11/13/17

  • Notable Feature: Deployment Tracking API Auditing View
  • This release addresses a number of small bug fixes.

Release Features

Deployment Tracking Auditing View

  • Retrace now lists an audit of Deployments being tracked within Retrace. This will allow users to view the history of when they made a deployment.
  • Learn more about deployment tracking and why you need it.

Release Enhancements


  • Client’s can now include hashtags and spaces in the request name

Improvements around the Application / Environment naming relationship.

Caught Exceptions in APM now includes the full error message along with the Exception Type.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some device-based billing clients were getting log caps by mistake.
  • Fixed an issue where the request modal in the old performance wouldn’t load in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem where the single page performance view wouldn’t load at times.
  • Traces from different apps/services were showing up in the traces tab.
  • Grouping Errors on the Error Occurrences page wasn’t working/loading.
  • Fixed an error we were seeing around deployment tracking introduced in our last release.
  • Resolved an issue where notifications weren’t appearing for new accounts.