Release Notes: Windows Agent 4.12

Release Overview

Release Date: 01/10/2018

  • Support for IIS Shared Configuration We now support the discovery and profiling of apps when using IIS Shared Configuration. If enabled this will automatically disable HTTP module injection as a safeguard from potential runtime errors. We also now report IIS shared configuration info in agent diagnostics.
  • Profiler stability improvementsFixed issues where either the profiler would shutdown in certain scenarios

Release Features

  • None

Release Enhancements

UNC Path Configuration Support

  • IIS apps that reside on a UNC path(i.e \\servername\sharedfolder\) will now be discovered properly

APM Key Transaction Settings Update More Frequently

  • We now do not require full discovery to run or an agent restart for overriding APM Settings (Track, Summarize, Errors) to take effect. We sync these settings on a schedule to catch updates more frequently.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the agent’s INI file wouldn’t update in certain scenarios causing the profiler to shutdown
  • Fixed how error handling works during app discovery so that it doesn’t affect other agent/profiler functionality
  • Fixed scenarios where trace upload rules wouldn’t be honored correctly