Release Notes: Windows Agent 4.5

Release Overview

  • A major update to the Agent profiler

Release Features

IP Address updates

  • IP addresses will be masked after Agent upgrade
  • Removal of IP addresses from the Agent

New SQL Query collection option

  • Ability to specify if you want all SQL query parameters collected
  • Ability to force all queries to be uniquely identified by their display and not fully stripped SQL

Release Enhancements

APM configuration change for new profiler

  • Changes for enum for profiler dll
  • Assigned unique id to every method
  • NServiceBus track 2 new methods
  • Http web requests track X-StackifyID for Retrace

Bug Fixes

  • Profile output continues after trials expire
  • Agent upgrade causing IIS app pool reset
  • SQL parsing not completely anonymizing SQL
  • Service bus issues
  • Environment settings for Win Services