Release Notes: February 2018 Platform

Release Overview

Release Date: 2/14/2018

  • This release contains a major rework of the Alerts and Notification functionality. The goal is to improve the accuracy of alerts while giving more details around why the user was notified. This release also gives more granularity around the delivery of notifications and will pave the way for future integrations.

Release Features

  • New Alert Details View of an Alert
    • Will show when an alert started, changed severity, got snoozed/acknowledged, and cleared.
    • Will show when a notification was sent out based on the notification group configuration.
    • A new section containing different monitor associations and when they alerted
  • Changes to Notification Formats
    • Email Template Updates
      • Includes the source of the notification, including its associations to other sources
      • A new sparkline lines leading up to the alert
    • SMS Notifications
      • A link to the new Alerts Detail Modal
  • Added Granularity to Notification Group Controls
    • Added the ability to control sending out initial alerts, Reminders, Escalations, and Cleared alerts per contact
    • Added the ability to configure a Slack integration per notification group as a contact
    • Reminder and Escalation intervals are configured globally per Notification Group, but can be toggled on/off per contact. These intervals can be set on the “Settings” tab of the Notification Group modal within a 5 minute to 1 day range. Any values configured outside of this range prior to the release will be updated to the closest boundary.

Release Enhancements

  • Removal of occurrence-based alerts and converting to only duration-based alerts
    • EX: “Check CPU every 2 minutes, alert as ‘Warning’ if value is over 70% for 5 consecutive checks.” Will become: “Check CPU every 2 minutes, alert as ‘Warning’ if value is over 70% for 10 minutes.”
  • Enforced Escalation and Reminder interval range of 5 minutes to 1 day
  • ‘Top Errors’ removed from email notifications

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced the visibility of un-monitored apps
  • Minor fixes to Alerts and Notifications
  • Enhanced capabilities of device instances to undo unnecessary duplication
  • Minor fixes to UI to enhance listing account users

Known Issues