Release Notes: March 2018 Platform

Release Overview

Release Date: 3/7/2018

In this release we improved the experience around app discovery in the portal. This will address issues around apps being filtered out of the Add App modal. We also now support removing apps from specific environments instead of all instances of a given app across different environments. This release also includes a number of alert/notification and ELM enhancements.

Release Features

No new features were released with this update.

Release Enhancements

  • Improved Add/Remove App experience
  • New tool to provide support help within the platform
  • Removed the legacy alert/notifications page. New/Regressed Errors will now land in the new notification history pages. Configuration for error notifications are now in the new notification group modals
  • Better defense for handling large JSON objects in ELM
  • Improved the mobile alerts page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed App field links back to the app dashboard in the Log Dashboard viewer
  • Fixed an issue where alerts could have been duplicating

Known Issues

  • None at this time