Release Notes: December 2015

We are excited to announce that the newest version of Stackify has just been released! Below are all the highlights of things we have updated in this latest version.

APM+ Improvements

We have added more functionality around our APM+ product as well as a few UI changes:

Set up Goal Thresholds for your apps or individual requests. Ideal for getting a more accurate level of user satisfaction.

New settings for your requests are now available that will allow you to control the behavior of your requests. Even set up monitors for your specific requests known as Key Transactions. To see a description of what these settings control, see this article: Monitors: Key Transactions.



Check out our updated APM+ Overview documentation to get caught up on all these changes.

Azure Web Apps Support

We now fully support APM+ on Azure Web Apps. Setup is quick and easy, just add the web app extension in Azure:

To see the full documentation on getting APM+ installed for Azure Web Apps, see Azure Installation: Configure App and Cloud Services.

New Apps and Server Pages

The new UI for the app and server monitoring pages also includes a few new features. Star/Favorite your servers, apps, or resource monitors so that they are pinned at the top of the list. Instead of hiding or un-hiding an app, there is now an improved way to add and remove your apps and servers from the list.




Mark Errors as Ignored

You now have the ability to mark errors as “Ignored” from the Errors Details of the Errors Dashboard. This will filter out all unwanted noise or errors that you don’t care about tracking. These errors can also be marked as “Unignored” to bring them back into the dashboard.




New Resource Monitors

When you create a Key Transaction from a request for Web and SQL performance in APM+, you will be able to see and further configure these monitors in the Key Transactions monitoring page. We have also created a new monitoring page named “All Monitors”. This page shows all your resource monitor types in one location- Key transactions, Websites, Queues, SQL Queries, Log Queries, and Error Rate monitors- all filterable and sortable.